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The Process

•The PROCESS of creating is a major part of art and music being made.
•The PROCESS can then be the art and the music.
•The PROCESS of having an idea becomes the idea and therefore a tangible concept to develop and motivation to create.
•From nothing but an idea creativity will flow no matter what the surroundings because it is the PROCESS...AS art...AS music.
•The journey is the PROCESS.
•Use the moment of deciding to create with the resources and tools at your disposal as a guide to making something only you could make at that moment.
•That makes it special, unique, and a PROCESS that has to exist because it is you.
•The tools to create make the PROCESS unique and special.
•What is the PROCESS again? Your Art.
•So the tools in front of you came from a journey unique to only you and therefore once you decide create you have started a PROCESS and that is the Art that is being created.
•This logic circumnavigates boredom, lack of motivation, limited resources, and the fear of being judged.

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