Cyber Kinetic Beta Logic

Cyber kinetic beta logic
A meteor is headed to earth and 
you can't stop it
Carbon based bass 
Reptilian Communion with Ash
Iguanodon razors slice tar-tilian
Times a million ba-jillion.  


Doc Surreal: Day 1


I'm Suarez with my hands 
Making glass out of sand.
Diamonds on my field of vision 
Fossilized watch precision.
Fresh faded Jaded
Jive Jones Oval Waded
Forever loved and forever hated

An Optimus to the prime 
Gas line to brake line 
Chrome lining 
From the catalytic converter timing 
with a Fist twisting from a chassy
Of pure alien titanium Oxide
I Knight ride
Calcium gone
No more white guy
Me in a whip
At altitudes of a cumulus sky
Full moon every Time

I am Doc Surreal.
Instagram: @DocSurreal



Start with something...Let's label this reboot 6843/912-4c

I broke my leg two weeks ago. Immobile and motivated to get on track with my visions of my future.  
(I'll find out the name of this painting later.)