Happy Earth Day!

We have one planet to live on--Kumbaya and all that other hold hands and praise Mother Gaia stuff.

Today is Earth Day April 22, 2017. A day to celebrate our planet and see what we can do that can help save our planet from the destructive forces contributing to Global Warming, Pollution, Animal Abuse, and other man made forces that are taking this beautiful jewel and turning it into a over forested, oil fracking, animal head on the wall, water like Flint planet. We have one planet to live on --Kumbaya and all that other hold hands and praise Mother Gaia stuff.

But what does that mean and how can we be more active to support our planet?

In Cleveland and most suburbs we already have two garbage bins one blue for recycling and one green for garbage.

Note: Strangely some suburbs have the colors reversed and it is confusing because everyone knows that blue is the color of a recycling bin everywhere. This is a mute point but valid because it's annoying that somebody just ignored the universal color law of recycling. Probably just some weird bureaucratic mix up or there was a mix up at the garbage can maker...But I digress.

Wooosaaah! Wooosah...


Trumps EPA

We are in the new Trump era when it comes to the environment and it is being drolled out in government policies with a major political party who's symbol is ironically an elephant. The Great Ole Party of Climate Change Denial.

The party of anti-science and logical thinking when it comes to making the earth a better place. It seems they want us back where you could dump your garbage in state parks and dump chemicals in the Great Lakes and damn the earth because profit and Big Oil and Big Business is all they care about. If you disagree just look at Trump era policies taking place with the EPA and any clip of a GOP officer in public office speaking abou Climate Change talking points. They are Climate Change deniers and are in the pockets of Oil Companies. FACT.

I actually get why people deny Climate Change but it makes no sense. A major argument is that the Earth is in a cycle of warming and cooling and no evidence proves mans activities are effecting the Earth. Makes sense it's a ebb and flow of nature, roll with it. Not True. But even if you believe that it makes no sense not to put in safe guards to protect the environment with some regulation to stop greed and reckless and hapless businesses to do what they want by hurting people and the place we all call home, Earth. Why not just make lead pipes for water and use Abstestos in schools and Nurseries?

It just makes sense. If you are going to ignore all the science and research from the most educated scientist in the field and others that smart people that also concur, who are also educated but, then you also ignore the physical real world around you. You could at least support ways to take some precautions to protect the environment. Unless your getting money from people who want the opposite...(cough!)...GOP.

I get it...Big government is stopping businesses with regulation you say. I'm sure that's what people said when they were polluting the Cuyahoga River before it caught fire.

As scientist from around the world March in every major city today with millions of concerned citizens let's acknowledge that we need to keep moving forward on Clean Energy. It is the smart move and moving backward to save a dying industry like coal is not moving us forward but regresssing to an age where we, America are not the leaders of innovation of a more energy efficient society. Clean energy is a growing sector and we should support the jobs it can create and substain but this current administration will not allow Oil or Fossil Industry to die when it is a Beast frothing
of dollars in profits.
I know there are not clear cut solutions but when don't accept science and facts when pushing policies we all will lose. Maybe not this generation but the one my kids kids will be inheriting. So cliche but so true.

So today we stand together for Science, for the Earth, and for Facts!

Enjoy your Earth Day!


The World:

Editor Note: I probably will edit this later. I had to get this out before the day was over. I got a stream of inspiration from my son who is studying maps and the world with wild eyed enthusiasm. So even my son with all of his Kindergarten youth knows how important taking care Nature and the Earth is for every one.